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Desert Wolf Steel
We strive to retain our position as the world's leading manufacturer of high quality off-road trailers and accessories through continuous innovation, customer service and improved use of technology.

The first Desert Wolf trailer came off the production line in 1994 and since then we have continuously improved and added to our products. Every aspect of our trailers is carefully researched and designed with our own experience of life in the bush and on expedition in mind. Our customers are our best design engineers, providing valuable suggestions after every trip.


Every Desert Wolf trailer is the product of over fifteen years of experience gained on all types of roads, tracks and terrains all over the world. Desert Wolf were the first stainless steel all terrain trailers available in the market and even today are the only trailers manufactured from non-magnetic grades. Through the years, at shows in the UK, South Africa, Africa, France and the USA, these trailers proved to be the best in the world and have won numerous awards.

The success of our trailers in the rental market is proof of their phenomenal quality and durability. Desert Wolf trailers are used by all of the trailer rental companies who are renting out stainless steel trailers. Our trailers have done millions of miles and are still in service. A Desert Wolf trailer is more than a loyal friend and a home in the bush - it is a true investment. The trailers can be sold after years of service and maintain their value.


Desert Wolf trailers are used not only by thousands of enthusiastic off-roaders, but by overland safari operators, industry and the military alike. The South African Police Service uses Desert Wolf trailers in bush operations all over the African continent, and Desert Wolf trailers are used in the harsh conditions of wind and sea spray by De Beers in the Namaqualand Mines. We have also manufactured trailers for councils, airports, several academic and research institutions, search and rescue units as well as several divisions of the South African National Defense Force, the United Nations and various Government departments.


Desert Wolf is built by one of the few vehicle manufacturers in the country registered and approved with the Department of Transport and the South African Bureau of Standards.

What’s stainless steel?

Stainless steel is a generic term for a group of corrosion resistant steels containing a minimum of 11% of chromium. All stainless steels have a high resistance to corrosion due to their chromium content. Its properties include:

  • Resistance to aqueous corrosion
  • Excellent hygiene and cleanability
  • Good high temperature mechanical strength
  • Excellent fabrication properties
  • Ability to develop high strength and hardness through cold forming and heat treatment
  • Excellent wet abrasion resistance
  • Durable aesthetic appeal
  • Excellent polish-ability to achieve a range of smart finishes


Grades available

Different grades of stainless steel are derived from the differences in composition of different alloys of steel, but the family of stainless steels can simply be broken down into relatively few basic branches. The choice of a specific grade of stainless steel is determined by the application and conditions under which it will operate.

Which grades are used on our Desert Wolf trailers?

Grades 304 & 316 stainless steel (from Columbus) are used for the main body of the trailer.


The chassis is manufactured using Columbus’ revolutionary 3CR12, which prevents any serious wear and tear that is characteristic of most trailers after rough trips. 3CR12 conforms to the European grade for the stainless steel, type 1.4003 included in specifications EN 10088. The following properties of 3CR12 is specifically advantageous:

  • Corrosion resistance
  • Ability to resist abrasion/corrosion in wet conditions
  • Its strength, ductility and toughness
  • Heat-resisting properties
  • Low Maintenance
  • Economy and ability to be fabricated and welded by conventional techniques 

If any custom built accessories, such as additional brackets for emergency tools, are required, the addition process is simple: the bracket is designed, welded onto the trailer and the vehicle is ready to go. The welding and stainless steel are rust-resistant, and therefore require no further treatment following the assembly.

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Desert Wolf Steel
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