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Trailer Accessories
Accessories are up to you!
We start by building your Desert Wolf expedition trailer from the chassis upwards. Unlike some all stainless steel trailers, ours actually have an extra strong chassis made from stainless as well. In fact, it's the same material that Volvo Truck and Bus use.
Next, it's the stainless steel undertanks built between the chassis rails. You can have two and they are both baffled in the x and y directions to ensure that no matter how rough the terrain offroad, or how fast you're going on road, the trailer stays stable. Customers often carry fuel in the front tank (near to the tow vehicle) and water in the rear tank under the kitchen unit.

Oh yes, the kitchen unit! Open the rear door carrying your spare wheel to find the kitchen unit. Made from oak, there are cooking implements, plates, cups and glasses. There are even seasonings to ensure that your food away from home is as good as at home! Inside the door, there's a fold down stainless table with twin burner stove with ample room for food preparation.

Now, turn to the inside to discover the most fantastic array of kitchen storage boxes, place for a large kettle and enough nooks and crannies to ensure you have everything. Should you wish, we can fit a full trailer length drawer that slides out from the kitchen! On runners with bearings, of course. 'When we are told that the kitchen must have been designed by women, we just smile!', says Graham, UK Sales Manager.

Then, we work on the storage bins which will hold fridges, freezers and your personal goods. Depending on the trailer size, working your way forward from the kitchen, there will be one large bin. Then there'll be the front bin (for eg fridge) on the smallest Fox trailer. The medium-sized Lynx trailer has a narrow middle bin between these two. The largest Leo trailer has a much larger middle bin and a much larger rear bin. See the photo below for size comparison:

Under the floor, just beside the axle for best weight distribution, we can fit a battery box for two fullsize deep cycle batteries. This gives the trailer 12VDC for accessories like the fridge freezers. If required, we can add 240VAC power with a charging system for the batteries, together with an on-board split charging system so your tow vehicle only needs to provide raw 12V.

Although we fit low energy consumption equipment like the National Luna range of fridges, freezers and fridge-freezers which can run for days, we can also fit solar to keep you topped up without running a generator or connecting to the tow vehicle.
These fridges slide out on stainless steel runners, complete with smooth bearings. And of course the fridge latches securely into place when closed away so that you can drive safely in the most extreme conditions.

The National Luna units are fantastic and run on half power when on DC to conserve energy (as designed for NASA), yet can be programmed to run at temperatures down to deep freeze.
In order for you to be able to use your own accessories, laptops, GPS and perhaps an iPod, we will fit up to 4 Hella sockets - one in each corner.
On top of the trailer sits our own designed and manufactured tenting. This ranges from big and airy to huge and cavernous with the main unit with double bed, coverage over the kitchen area, extra room and sides which become awnings for vast undercover dining.
All this opens up once the waterproof tarp is unzipped. Openning up in a similar way to smaller roof tents on its stainless steel hoops, all the canvas is already zipped in so that you can have a full size camp in minimum time. Awnings are held up with the extra cam-lock poles.

With 5 and 6 person tenting available built into the trailer, you might run out of room in your 4x4s before you run out of space in camp. But because we design and manufacture our own tenting, if you want a special, that's no problem. We can even design a unit to go on the roof of your Unimog with room for a dozen!

Don't forget, with on-board power, you can have lighting too. Not only low power tubes, but we can incorporate new LED technology for your needs.

But where do you stick the poles when not in use? Another clever
bit of design is a bed sized storage box about 5cm tall under the tent in which we can store a large stainless steel table and beside this go the poles!

It's a brilliant, sturdy, large and easily cleanable trestle-type table suitable to prepare food on then dine around. There's certainly no slumming it when you are away with your trailer!

Whilst thinking about clever storage, if required, we can fit a camp tool kit of spade, axe and saw on the concave side of the main bin door. Because this shape of the door is so strong, it means that the doors are also light, but best of all, it means that this storage takes up 'no room', so to speak.
The list of accessories and expedition equipment just goes on. You'll probably notice gas bottles on the trailer - we can fit one each side as standard for direct fitment to the kitchen.
Then, it makes sense to have a fire extinguisher, jerry can holder, nose cone roof rack, braai, bike rack and more.

If you have your own additions in mind, please contact us as we wouldn't be surprised if we've done it before!

Now, your adventure begins...

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