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We usually hold a small stock of specialist offroad vehicles and can source others to order.
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Our particular interest is in the Steyr Daimler Puch Pinzgauer with shift-on-the-move differential locks and two-speed transfer box, independent suspension and portal axles.
The first Pinzgauers were all petrol, left-hand drive and fitted with manual gearboxes. Then came the slightly larger diesel versions in right and left hand drive with manual and automatic gearboxes. They were fitted with VW 6 cylinder and then VW 5 cylinder turbo diesel engines.

The main model versions are: 710 petrol 4x4, 712 petrol 6x6, 716 diesel 4x4, 718 diesel 6x6. They also had suffix letters where M is a soft top, K is a hard top, SAN or AMB is a removeable rear boxed ambulance body. There are also some variant fire engines, workshops and anti-aircraft units.
Of course, we were all brought up on Land Rovers and know these well and can supply these, too.
At the larger end, we find Mercedes Benz Unimogs are great diesel engined overlanders, particularly with their ambulance bodies. At 7500kg GVW, they are straightforward for most licence holders.
Pinzgauer 710M 4x4 with diff locks, portal axles and independent suspension

Pinzgauer 718K 6x6 expedition overlander on its way to a new home with an international medical charity

Pinzgauer 716K 4x4 automatic gearbox demonstrator on BAFMA exercise support

Low mileage Ural 6x6 for overland conversion

Pinzgauer 710K 4x4 on trials

Pinzgauer 716K 4x4 factory demonstrator

Mercedes Benz Unimog 4x4 with diff locks and portal axles

Very competent LWB Haflinger 4x4 with portal axles, front and rear diff locks, 5-speed gearbox with crawler gear and independent suspension

Our rarest Pinzgauer 712K was sold to Lyon, France

Pinzgauer 718 6x6 heavy load carrier and dedicated trailer

Our two Pinzgauers 712M 6x6 with long range tanks and 710K 4x4 being delivered

Mercedes Benz Unimog 4x4 U1300 LWB ambulance with diff locks and portal axles for conversion to expedition overlander

Delivering a Pinzgauer 716K automatic with full racking to our customer in Austria - 'Coals to Newcastle' springs to mind!

Pinzgauer 710K 4x4 on high speed trials

Agricultural spec Mercedes Benz Unimog

Rare hightop Pinzgauer 712M with tropical engine for overlanding

Just to drool, brand new fully armoured Pinzgauers on their way somewhere else

We couldn't resist Haflinger Technik Dale's SchneeWeasel - yes, it's a Haflinger under there!
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