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Expedition Trailers
These Desert Wolf expedition trailers are the ultimate base for rugged cross-country expeditions all over the world. They aren’t just used by individuals, but by companies and even special forces!

We are extremely proud to offer a bespoke design service to ensure that your Desert Wolf trailer meets your personal requirements. This starts by matching your trailer's wheel track and PCD stud pattern to your tow vehicle's. This doesn't just make it much easier, safer and more economic to tow, it means that you have an extra spare wheel for your tow vehicle. If the worst comes to the worst, you have an extra 3!

Stainless steel
Firstly, our Desert Wolf trailers are made completely from stainless steel. Not here and there, but just about everything right down to nuts, bolts and rivets. Even the specially-made adjustable locking catches are stainless!

The longevity of these trailers is well-known throughout Africa and to prove it, they work in some of the harshest operating environments imaginable. Not just in rocky, sandy and muddy conditions, but in the salt and wind-blasted diamond mines of De Beers in Namaqualand. Typical post trip maintenance can be just a quick hose down!

If that’s not proof enough, professional users include emergency/security services, safari holiday companies, endangered species protection and other industry operators. When was the last time that your trailer was parachuted into the desert from a military transport?

Although all Desert Wolf trailers are made to order, typical accessories include extensive tenting, fully-fitted kitchen, fuel and water tanks, fridge freezers, solar, tables and so much more. All of this is integrated into our well thought out design to leave the storage areas free for your equipment and personal goods.

Why not check out the accessories or look at the gallery?

Find out more!
There’s too much to tell you – from the fact that we match your towing vehicle’s track and wheels to ensure that your trailer sits in your ruts, to providing all your kitchen utensils including the pepper mill – nothing is too big or small for us.


Visit our dedicated website at to review some of the options and see the trailers in action. Alternatively, email or call us on +44 (0) 1932 829 114 to discuss how we can provide you with the ultimate and everlasting Desert Wolf stainless steel expedition trailer to meet your every need and exceed your wildest dreams.

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